Beginning Guitar Lessons

With an introduction to the world of guitar, the fundamental skills common to all styles will be covered: reading music/tablature, playing chords and chord progressions, using the right hand for strumming and finger picking (pima), barré chords, basic theory and musicianship.

Popular, Folk and Classical guitar styles will be integrated into our weekly lessons.  It is the goal of these first few weeks to supply each student with a foundation of understanding that will allow them to progress in the musical direction of their choice.

Intermediate Guitar

For the student who has developed a foundation of basic skills, and is interested in applying more advanced playing techniques and music theory.  

Lessons tend to last an hour in length and focus on tone production and the use of nails, exploring what is necessary to maintain the fundamental moves of the right hand; developing the left hand, i.e. slurs, stretching, shifting and scales;  paying greater attention to the articulation, dynamics, tone color and overall artistry of the guitar.

Advanced Guitar

For the advanced guitarist looking to improve both their technique and musicianship. Advanced guitar lessons may also be geared toward the pre-college guitarist wishing to declare themselves a music major/minor, who must first prepare for an entrance audtion.

Excerpts, etudes, more advanced repertoire and sight reading include a few of the finer points intended to foster a more complete guitarist.

My daughter was 9 when she started taking guitar lessons. Luke was her first teacher. He was so easy to work with that she felt comfortable with him from the start. She not only learned to play the basics, she learned to read music, too. She simply excelled under his instruction and it set her up with a foundation that has allowed her to play cello, piano and guitar, with her true passion being guitar. Had we not been transferred from Hawaii, my daughter would still be taking lessons from Luke. In fact, Luke made such an impact on my daughter that even though she has a new guitar instructor in our new location, my daughter still asks me to video her guitar playing and send the clips to Luke, so he can see her progress.  Luke comes with my highest possible recommendation!
— Nicki Dover

Lesson Rates

  • 30 minute guitar lesson: $30
  • 60 minute guitar lesson: $65
  • Receive a 5% discount when you purchase 12 or more lessons.

Acceptable methods of payment include cash, check, PayPal, Mastercard & Visa.


Click here for a detailed pdf of the Guitar Lesson Agreement.


Instrument Rental

Full, three-quarter, and half-size guitars are available for rent for $25 a month.


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